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March 23, 2008 at 4:28 am 3 comments

Pearler in the Fiji Times today

Khaiyum says media issues had been dealt with

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Update: 11.29am Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says as far as he is concerned the circumstances involving the deportation of Fiji Sun Publisher Russell Hunter and the summoning of Fiji Times Publisher Evan Hannah has been dealt with.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum was responding to statements made by Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith.

Smith told the Australian Associated Press the action against the two Australian journalists is part of plans by the military government to muzzle the media.

Smith said the move was part of what he calls “a disturbing pattern of behaviour” since the coup which has severely eroded fundamental human rights and the rule of law.

However Mr Sayed-Khaiyum told Radio Fiji the matter had been looked into.”I have not heard the comments by the foreign minister nor have I read any of his comments. “The matter I believe has already been addressed by the respective ministers and we believe the matter has been resolved. So I believe that’s where the matter ends.”

TWF notes: Too bad that you haven’t outline a single reason why he was deported. Everyone has been asking but all we get is “national security”. Thats simply not acceptable given your mindless and childlike rants on openness and transparency. And your vitriol towards the media on their perceived fairness. Personally I think this Khaiyum suffered from a terrible childhood being picked on by everyone. Not because he couldn’t defend himself or vunerable, but because he tried to hard to be a complete twat to everyone. So he takes it all out on the peoples of Fiji.

If Khaiyum really thinks this matter is closed, will he give a complete and official response to the Australian foreign minister. I don’t think so. He does not have the intelligence, nor the balls to do so. Khaiyum knows the Australians can see straight through the crap and look at the situation objectively.

So to end all controversy, did Chaudhry give the order for deportation? Who cooked up the blatantly false charges and pitiful reasons for deportation? Who felt threatened by Evan Hannah that you needed to dress him down? How did you get your grubby girly hands on the so called article that was to tell the truth as it was? Who threatened Netani Rika and Matt Wilson? Speak Khaiyum or forever hold your peace.

March 23, 2008 at 4:24 am 1 comment

Defending the regime…not a hard task

Its not that hard. In fact its bloody impossible!

Thats what the turncoat Berenado Vunibobo has said about his appointment as Fiji’s representative at the United Nations.

He made special note of the Australian’s and New Zealander’s making a big deal of the interim regime. I think he really thinks that he can change the generally accepted opinion of the current state of affairs.

Unfortunately he is simply deluding himself. You can’t defend a regime that got into power through the barrel of a gun and mountains of threats against every potential opponent. He can’t fathom that all the bullshit put forward in front of the international community such as all these ‘reforms’, Charter nonsense and a ‘moving Fiji forward’ approach will never detract from the truth.

A special note was made about India and their role in the current situation. Lets face it. India has shown itself to be highly treacherous regarding the plight of Fiji. It has conveniently flexed its muscle and using this as a conduit to promote the whole ‘persons of Indian origin’ (PIO).

And thats what bugs this interim government.

Australia/New Zealand/United States/United Kingdom – condemned all four coups (if you include Rabuka’s second dig) and imposed heavy restrictions and harsh penalties until the country returned to normalcy (which is currently underway for the fourth). They have been consistent and always called for democracy to be returned to this tortured country.

India – condemned the first three. Made a large ruckus over the PIO’s and how they were being mistreated/killed/raped/undermined. It was true that Rabuka and Speight laid some pretty harsh treatment. We all know that the race factor was just a smokescreen for their own warped agendas and profit. Regardless the information fed to India was far from true and portrayed a bloodthirsty image of the Vanua. The protests that India made over Fiji were just incredible.

But come 2006, we see very selective treatment of Fiji by India. All of a sudden the interim government is welcome in to their country. They are welcome at any time. They are actively helping with the ‘growth’ of the country through aid and donations. But the money is being fed to people who did the same thing in 1987 and 2000. The country and its democracy was raped but because the PIO’s were being protected and sheltered by the interim regime, it was all peachy. It didn’t matter that the interim government was utterly corrupt and selective in its dealings with the peoples of Fiji.

Hopefully Indo-Fijians can see this. Its clear and glaringly obvious. Don’t believe for one moment that the RFMF and interim government is here for your benefit. Or that India is doing this for the benefit of Fiji. Its purely for their benefit and profit. A question you can ask yourselves.

Has your standard of living, freedoms, rights and opportunities as a Fijian citizen improved to a level that has been promised by the powers that be since December 2006?

March 23, 2008 at 4:15 am 2 comments

As the old adage goes…

“practice what you preach”.

I read today’s article in the Fiji Times entitled “Muslims urged to follow Islam principles”. The individual who made that call was none other than our Prozac induced Attorney-General. If Khaiyum made you laugh before, this would leave you in stitches.

He urged Muslims in the Fiji to be kind, compassionate and respectful. Not only that but to treat everyone equal under the eyes of the law.

Everyone agrees with those principles. But there is a problem…


He is definately not kind, compassionate or respectful. He puts down people as instigators and troublemakers when they make valid points. He did not care or try to help when Russell Hunter was deported or when people were beaten/killed by the security forces. He has little respect for Fijian institutions and is trying to be a part of the destruction of them. Remember that paper… He has no respect for people who oppose the RFMF and interim government. Especially for learned, highly educated and respected people such as politicians, academics and high chiefs.

And as far as the law goes, who knows? He either doesn’t know it (appointment of Boundaries Commissioner) or vagrantly flaunts it (like the convenient ignorance in the Russell Hunter case).

There is a reason why the FML didn’t join your rag tag National Cunthole for Bloody Breaking Fiji. Because it encompasses everything against what everyone believes in.

It seeks to destroy fair play, reward for hard work and suppress where needed. It rewards the lazy and selfish. It treads on the hard working and selfless.

March 17, 2008 at 4:18 am 1 comment

If you wish to incite…

My article below about Khaiyum and his communist/fascist style when dealing with the media brings another point.

If anyone wishes to contribute an article which you think will get up the skin of the interim government of RFMF, please send it in. The major news agencies are struggling with their freedom of speech muted and supressed at every opportunity.

Even though this is the internet, we need to keep pressure up on the ‘tards’ of Fijian society.

Leave a comment or email us at tardwatchfiji@gmail.com

We would love to post all sorts of crap about the RFMF and interim government. Trust me, elections gone by have shown the power of the internet and alternative media in deciding them. Thats what they have neglected. And thats where have seized the opportunity.

March 14, 2008 at 11:13 pm 1 comment

Non-existent I tells ya

The problematic and mentally depressed Attorney-General just does not stop.

He pulled up the Fiji Times for a chat about supposed articles that they were to put to press this morning and in tomorrows edition. Apparently the articles were lacking the ‘true facts’. Also he noted that people had complained that their ‘positive’ letters about the interim government were not being printed. James Bolacavu is not posting from the United Kingdom and Khaiyum hasn’t been taking his prozac.

Take a hint buddy: Freedom of the press means…THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT!!!

Its worth noting those ‘true facts’ was probably the truth and the interim government could not handle the jandal. The fact remains that ever since the interim government has been messing with Fiji, their blunders and goofs have reached an astronomical level. Remember Khaiyum there is no way of dressing up the fact your major fuckup appointing the Boundaries Commissioner. I don’t think the Fiji Times would print “Khaiyum makes INNOCENT mistake, everything is peachy”

My other bane of contention is the letters sent into the editor. If the Fiji Times has not been receiving a lot of positive letters regarding the interim government, then why print the whole paper with so many letters saying so? The vast majority of letters in the Fiji Times have been overwhelmingly negative about the interim government. Because everything about this interim government is so negative and it just annoys the hell out of so many people. Its their place to vent.

Note that Khaiyum says what they should or shouldn’t be printing. Um yeah, you blatant liar. Print something (or fathom doing so) negative and your arse gets hauled up for a chat and a dressing down. Not very good when this paper is owned by the most powerful media moguls in the world. Just remember if Murdoch gets pushed far enough, his influence could destroy Fiji forever.

James Bolacavu doesn’t have to say where he is from. He is entitled to use an alias or a false location to hide his identity. You know why?

Because I don’t think he wants to be taken in for ‘incitement’ and beaten up by the RFMF.

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He who knows is very scared…


Nye Perram QC in the continuation of the Qarase case against the State has questioned Bainimarama’s silence and refusal to testify before the courts. Perram suggested that Bainimarama is the only one who really knows what happened that fateful December 2006.

The fact is Bainimarama’s true colours are shown by his refusal to testify under ‘executive immunity’. Too bad you were not elected and hard to work hard to gain that.

Of course those turncoat fuckwits McCoy and Reynolds know the real reason. If Perram was to cross-examine Bainimarama, he would not only blow the case wide open but embarrass the RFMF and inteirm government to no end. Not to say he hasn’t already done that ad nauseam.

Bainimarama is not capable of testifying before the courts because his big mouth and lack of consistency would make a mockery of procedings. Never before has the court system in Fiji been threatened as of now. So he conveniently hides and cries innocent. So much for transparency. Seeing through his big head is hard enough.

He’s safe in organised press conference with his minders looking over his shoulder. And a pre-prepared speech from some other munter. But in an open forum, his weakness is his lack of education and poise.

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