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January 5, 2008 at 1:06 am 6 comments

Welcome to Tard Watch Fiji.

It was a hard decision to start blogging about the current situation in Fiji. But it came to the stage where I became sick of the actions of the military junta, their lackeys (or bum chums) and the rest which follow in close order. Over the course of the last year and a bit, I have seen Fiji deteriorate into a dictators paradise where a few decide for many. You must also note that this few are unelected and seek to leech off the precious tax dollars that the average Fijian pays.

They may have their goons with guns, big press releases (uneducated at best), grand ideas for the future and so on. But with Salusalu at the helm of their STASI IT department, methinks that he will struggle to take me down.

It has been touted throughout history that reward does not come easily but is hard fought with blood, sweat and tears. It is earned not merely obtained. Unlike the RFMF which thinks reward should come through pointing a gun at someone or accusing someone of corruption or “coup-related offences”.

So I shall leave you with an epic quote from Charles Kingsley, a celebrated author from the 19th Century.

“There are two freedoms – the false, where man is free to do what he likes; the true, here he is free to do what he ought.”

Let that be a subtle reminder to those coup supporters or enablers that may be reading this.


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Awwww jeez, not this shit again!!!

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  • 1. natewaprince  |  January 5, 2008 at 5:51 am

    Alllrrightt ,first falla to comment here.

    Welcome to the fight my friend.I commented recently on solivakasama that if you close one door,another will open.

    RFC closed down this week and now you have started up.Eat you heart out SR and all you other piglets.

    PS – Please do something about the size of the print .

  • 2. timbuk200  |  January 5, 2008 at 6:28 am

    No better subject for a “tardwatch” than a focus on an illegal Interim Government (iIG) of Fiji. One that is headed by a Malignant Narcissist whose intellect and ego requires the constant support of hangers-on and admirers besides the quota of pills daily to keep some sort of stability. Of the hangers-on, their motivation seems to predominantly involve efforts to protect personal little secrets (like the corruption they accuse the legitimately elected of), their wavering sexuality and/or the moral code they’re so willing to preech to others, their mother hen instincts (i.e to be politically incorrect: the bleeched blonde fag-hag with too much time on her hands to mull over her sensational logic and intellect), and many others – who have a vested interest in trying to maintain the social and economic status because there is no others means of doing so other than by scratching backs, laying down with the devil, or pathetic and disingenuous attempts at “charisma”).

  • 3. Beranaliva  |  January 5, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Happy New Year all!!!!!
    Don’t know why…..but I feel quite optimistic and positive for this year.
    Last year was a testing period for pro and anti IG. I know we are winning this battle.
    How do I know? ………purely because the IG have achieved nothing unless someone or something tell me otherwise.
    I don’t want to bore you with all the IG’s failures, incompetences and dictatorial tactics. Just remember that the truth will come out eventually. Whatever you do, you only running or hiding in a circle. You will be caught and heads will roll.
    My favourite thought is “respect isnot a right……it is earned” Respect others, then you will be respected. Iam not surprised at all if the IG can’t understand that.
    Forcing people to accept the charter???? Sorry IG, read my words…..”IT WON’T WORK AND IT WILL NEVER WILL” Why?? Because the people say so!!!!
    Power to the People!

  • 4. Beranaliva  |  January 5, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    Sorry, thought Solivakasama site had finished.
    Hence, can you please print my above blog into SV please, especially under Ro Filipe’s opinion.
    Thanking you.

  • 5. tardwatchfiji  |  January 5, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    Cheers for the warm welcome guys.

    The most important thing here is to keep the fire burning. Tell your mates, collegues and your family about the freedom bloggers. The more people who debate and visit these sites, the more we can stick it to the man.

    Even for those coup supporters, I won’t banish you from this site. You are free to debate your point of views. Just because the opinions of those who are against the coup are quashed by the junta and friends, doesn’t mean I’ll do that to you.

    As far as the fonts go, this particular theme doesn’t allow you to change. Might have to look for another one.

  • 6. natewaprince  |  January 6, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    Please do.

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