Control – all a matter of interpretation

January 9, 2008 at 8:08 am 2 comments

The title pretty much says it all. I can safely say that when many Fijians hear that statement, their blood starts to boil and veins start popping up.

But no no, hear me out.

The control I refer to is who controls what in Fiji. Now without hesitation, we can say that the RFMF and their enablers are in control of the government. And also of our consciences. Fiji is prisoner to their threats, veiled assumptions and proclamations. They are happily pork barreling using taxpayer funds and keeping citizens in fear of their M-16 rifles.

The Indian population are business people of Fiji. Love them or hate them, they have contributed to Fiji. In good and bad ways. The economy has been driven on the back of a lot of their business. There are good Indians who don’t give a flying fuck who’s in power and detest when some illiterate Kiuva boy starts preaching about whatever comes out of his arse (or I-arse or Arse-sis).  But there are those Indians who are just not content with what they have. And believe me there are plenty. You just have to read the letters section of the Fiji Times. Or read the ramblings of that nutter Thakur Ranjit Singh who makes proclamations from his safe little country of New Zealand. Guys like Motibhai, Lodhia and the Charter architects who are snakes slithering behind the scenes.

It would seem that the Vanua have little power here. The interim government wasting precious taxpayer dollars. The Indian population with their ecconomic dominance. The majority Fijian RFMF who have forgotten their oathes to all people of Fiji. They seem to think they are big and important with their rifles. I would like to see them in the face of the Australian or New Zealand Defence Force. You may be tough beating up ordinary civilians but try on F/A-18 Hornets,  tanks, LAV’s and well equipped infantrymen. The RFMF would be destroyed before it would meet a single enemy soldier.

But the Vanua have something up their sleeve. And its the LAND. The land is held in trust for the Fijians. They own the land. Its theirs for life. Don’t be intimidated or afraid of owning it. Just because others are jealous you own land, doesn’t mean you have to waver or cower.

The younger generations are moving to the cities to get jobs, education and a better life experience. But its time that all Fijians, young and old start taking a real interest in their land holdings. Don’t rely on the NLTB to do stuff for you. Start taking a pro-active line with your tenants. Get out there, press the flesh and figure out what’s going on at ground level. Enquire, discuss and be inquisitive.

Its also important that with the land that the Vanua start to expand their horizons. Don’t just throw tenants off the land and leave it idle. Farm the land. Develop it and put property developments up. Build factories and industry. Tourism anyone (stick it to Chaudhry)? And most importantly, build it for your own. Hand it down through generations. Only then will the ordinary bloke will have control over their own affairs.

The one thing that will make people like Chaudhry squirm is to see Fijians in charge of their own affairs with flourishing private enterprise.

Of course there are terrorists like the ever present Dr Sahu Khan who wish to destroy these notions. Whatever you do, DO NOT ever let your land go. Just like people who buy their homes in countries like Australia and New Zealand, their home is their castle. To lose their land and their “castle” is just like sticking a knife straight through them. The Vanua should feel the same way.

* Note that I wouldn’t wish for a war between Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Violence is abhorrent. But I bet that the old soldiers that fought during the wars of the 20th century must be turning in their graves, that the once respected Fijian infantryman is now a thug and proxy for an unfit and dictatorial Commander. Think about those blokes in the Pacific War and the hardships they endured to keep Fiji out of Japanese occupation. Their blood was spilt defending the land they cherished. They fought to defend, not oppress.


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  • 1. Woilei  |  January 10, 2008 at 1:43 am

    Good one TWF. Speaking of see Fijians in charge of their own affairs I was encouraged the other day to see people like Rt Saki doing his thing . Awesome ! Way to go good fella!

    There was a good story in todays paper ( about tenants and landlords …. I mean leases for more than 50 years is giving away your land for a generation and a half … time being what it is, people forget, records are lost, people die and soon everything is a murkey memory – hello disputes. Time we as a people got it together and worked harder to be in control of our own destinies. We must learn our lessons from the Maori and the Hawaiians and others.


  • 2. natewaprince  |  January 10, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    Its our land that these kulinas are trying to covet with the help of the bi-polar pig.

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