You have got to be kidding me

January 10, 2008 at 9:11 am 7 comments

I just heard about the recent fiasco at the Fiji Police Force. You would think solving crimes and keeping people safe would be their perogative.

Unfortunately, that celebrity couple of Teleni and Ali have really nailed it on the head.

Now I know that framing people and stuffing ammunition into cosy little places is your business but transferring employees because of their personal beliefs is just wrong. That is discrimination against a persons beliefs. If you want to read that, I suggest the Constitution of Fiji.

He says that writings found under his desk were linked to witchcraft and black magic. Believing anything that Nasir says is quite difficult as you have to keep a straight face to say “He’s telling the truth”. And who puts writings relating to black magic under people’s desks? Honestly? Really? Smells like a rat to me.
Now he must have real problems reconciling his faith (if he has any) with that of others. Even if those individuals were atheists or Jedi for that matter, it is wrong to have them transferred out. I work with people of many different faiths, races, political and personal beliefs. We may disagree on issues but we never take it out on what we believe or what we are.

But the whole issue of equality is under severe threat. The Fiji Times mentioned that the People’s (Military) Charter will/can endorse changes to the constitution. And the “tard” to announce is none other than the self-appointed Interim Prime Minister. Either he is deluding himself or Chaudhry is really pulling some serious strings behind the scenes. Or both.

Now this is SERIOUS! People if there ever was a time that Fiji was under severe threat, it is in 1987, 2000 and now. The constitution is about to be changed. I don’t believe the principles relating to equality will be removed but the RFMF and interim government have not been practicing that aspect of “constitutionality”.

But where it will change is in the electoral provisions. My take is that in order to quell the SDL and their majority, they will add provisions relating to stopping people convicted of corruption and “coup-related” offences. So all these ridiculous allegations put forward by Khaiyum will be forwarded to the police and people like Laisenia Qarase will find themselves behind bars or with a conviction preventing them from running.

At this rate, I don’t believe that elections will be held in March 2009. That is but a pipe dream. The sad thing is that nothing will stop these clowns. They have the weapons and gutted every major governmental institution.

But what will stop them? Thats the question we need to ask ourselves.


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  • 1. Observer  |  January 10, 2008 at 11:21 am

    Bigger problems at hand.

    Losing the Iraq contract is a huge disaster for the RFMF. Loyal soldiers were rewarded with those $50k – $100k USD plus contracts for PSD.

    As the RFMF loses all its UN contracts, so too will the standing of the Commander lose its lustre. Fiji has never lost UN contracts accept after the coup d’etat in 2000 after which the UNIFIL contract was handed over to the Ghanaians.

    Now this.

  • 2. Woilei  |  January 10, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    To the FMF – Be Sooooo VERY VERY grateful to Andrew Hughes for being so merciful.

    Serve u right for trying to shaft such a decent good policeman and administrator.

    Now he is on the throne at the UN.

    You will reap as you sowed.

  • 3. Maqa a Leqa  |  January 10, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    Bhaini Marama is certainly going off his rockers. He has shown his true self by saying that the Charter will determine the application of the Constitution. He has gone overboard on this one.

    The common roll is another issue that Bhaini is paranoid about. All right thinking citizen knows that the Constitution will need to be changed before common roll can be introduced. But not Bhaini. He thinks that this can be done under the authority of the Charter.

    Can somebody explain to him that maybe he has mentioned the Charter so many times that he is now confused which is the Charter and which is the Constitution.

  • 4. natewaprince  |  January 10, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    Nazi Ali is one vindictive swine.He will make sure that all those he percieves to have wronged him pay with their jobs and even with their freedom.

    Tamata qo me dua ga e vana na kesuna.

  • 5. Maqa a Leqa  |  January 10, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    Agreed NP-Nazi Ali is law unto himself. Nobody seems to be able to handle this Muslim pig.

    What is incompetent Teleni doing. Instead of disciplining this pig Teleni is praising him as the most capable officer. Me domici Teleni ga o Nazi Ali me re-focus kina na matana e rau dui kadakada tu!

  • 6. hiroshima  |  January 11, 2008 at 9:42 am

    st giles is comminig soon to teleni and nasir ali and bainimarama

  • 7. Beranaliva  |  January 12, 2008 at 5:13 am

    I couldn’t agree more with this post and also with Woilei’s observations about former police comm. Hughes. The chickens is certainly coming home to roost. Evewrything gets into perspective if you compare Teleni to Hughes, it’s a bit like comparing Micky Mouse to Nelson Mandela.

    It was Hughes investigation of Bainimarama that got the vore scared in the first place. So, in a way, the coup was about cleaning up and corruption. Vore did a “clean up” by totally corrupting the process of Jaw just to save his own skin.

    People reading this mighthave seen it before, but its a good reminder of what REALLY this coup was all about if you go to this youtube vid…

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