FIRCA (Chodos STASI) up to no good

January 11, 2008 at 11:34 pm 3 comments

At a time when Fiji was in the doldrums, another piece of Chaudhry magic suddenly appeared out of a hat.

The reports were regarding FIRCA stopping consigments of water being exported overseas because the correct value of the exports not being stated. Chaudhry opened his big mouth and said that National Waters of Viti should be more responsible. More uneducated people in the interim government.

I have a funny feeling that Chaudhry sees this as a money making venture for the boys over at another branch of the Fijian STASI (FIRCA). Fijian water being sold overseas accounts for 15% of Fiji’s exports. This is a fair whack and Fiji should be proud that “Fiji Water” is branded overseas and provides so much exposure. A good revenue earner methinks.

But Chaudhry sees this as an opportunity. Taxes, taxes and more taxes. His ilk has drained the nation’s coffers dry so lets find some poor sod to pick on. And he picked on the right one. Is he going to slap some sort of special export tax on exported water? Or bring legal action against National Waters of Viti to claim monies? The fact is no one really knows what that snake oil merchant is up to. Or what sort of decrees or promulgations this nutty regime will come up with.

It doesn’t matter what the end consumer pays for the water. Its none of their fucking business. National Waters of Viti sells their water overseas, someone buys wholesale (or direct) and puts a markup which is borne by the end customer. The point where the company sells to the middleman is where the transaction ends. Is FIRCA going to get some taxpayer funded trip overseas to do some research? Hasn’t stopped the rest.

It was pretty funny to see the U.S. State Department get involved. Now you have done it. You’ve got the world’s superpower banging on your door asking for an explanation. With the RFMF and interim government parroting the need for foreign countries to “understand” Fiji’s situation, I don’t think the Americans will appreciate this sort of bullying and intimidation by some Z-grade dictatorship. I think you will see Chaudhry running scared after this. He’ll run back to the loving and caring arms of Bainimarama at Delainabua with his shrunken balls and tail between his legs. “Protect me, protect me oh sexy dictator” will be his catchcry.

Sad isn’t it. The RFMF and interim government have created a culture of envy and jealousy. We should be applauding people who work hard to create jobs.


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Department of “Home Land Security” Where does your allegiance lie?

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  • 1. natewaprince  |  January 13, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Just goes to show how dry the national coffers are.It started with LTA and they’re still at it.

    And they are blaming everyone but themselves for the downturn in the economy.Air Pacific and the tourism industry are suffering very badly because of the coup,yet the pig and his cronies won’t accept responsibility for the mess.


  • 2. Satish  |  January 14, 2008 at 5:08 am

    Fiji Water Fiasco

    Just like tourism, the Fiji Water fiasco shows the damage that will be done to Fiji’s economy when someone with no business sense and no accountability is given the reins of government. Transfer pricing is an issue for income tax if the product is sold overseas to a related company for less than the cost of production. It’s got nothing to do
    with the price you can fetch in the US market. How much does it actually cost to pump water out of the ground and bottle it? Not very much. The real cost is the promotion and marketing in the US. That is costly.

    Is it Tikotevu, the illegally installed boss of FIRCA, who doesn’t know what he is talking about, or is it Chaudhry? Either way, it is making Fiji unattractive for investment.

  • 3. Beranaliva  |  January 15, 2008 at 5:10 am

    Yes tard watch – your on the right path, theres a very smelly rat in here somewhere. For one thing the FIRCA people didnt follow normal procedure and that is indicating that they were under orders and were not just doing ine of their normal routine procedure. But Whose orders were they following? I also suspect the CHODOPU$$ is personally involved so we agree on that. But ask yourselfs why and you cant help but feel that the greed and envy factor is kicking in big time. The way its playing out follows exactly what they call the “third world template for bribery” that you have to wonder. The template works this way – spot a corporation making money then use ypour bureaucratic power to make it difficult for them to get a licence to manufacture or export or whatever it is that generates their income and hey bingo you have a ready source of cash. Thats the way it goes and the fact that the CHODOPU$$ isn’t putting out detailed press statements on it suggests he doesn’t like the publicity when this sort of stuff is exposed for the people to see. So lets keep the Fiji water pressure on the CHODOPU$$ as high as poss!

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