Bala on the attack

January 16, 2008 at 8:21 am 2 comments

Telling as it is. Well done!

Chaudhry fucked up big time with this season’s crush.

Poor TCTS ratios, uncrushed cane and Fiji is what? Importing cane from India.  How can Fiji have a bloody sugar industry if it can’t crush enough from what it produces? Talk about making yourself look stupid.

How do you explain this? Simply that Chaudhry had his grubby little hands on the cane and decided to just screw over the cane farmers.

Two possibilities exist here:

1) Chaudhry has mismanaged the sugar this season so badly. He has been so busy with all his portfolios that he has neglected all the finer parts of negotiating the industry. Also his endless rants against the Vanua, SDL and the constitution. Too bad he never could organise stuff well enough. Pity that his role with the NFU compromises his overall judgement. He thinks he is the sugar god, but ends being a miserly servant. So much for Bainmarama keeping people on for performance based reasons. This guy misses the mark but is considered the Robin Hood of Fiji.

2) Chaudhry deliberately mismanaged the cane crush this season. It seems rather odd that so much cane was not crushed. But yet there are Treasury funds to help import cane from India of all places. Perhaps Chaudhry deliberately set aside Fijian cane to garner support from India for political reasons. We all know how welcome he was over there. He probably thinks that if he can tie it up with the “mother land”, Fiji will be set without her “treacherous” neighbours. Too bad that in the end, he will be begging the treacherous neighbours for sanctuary. I can’t see him exiling himself to India without all his home comforts. Also it could be that in order to get the support of the farmers, he can blame this bad season on SDL mismanagement from 2006. Its been a while but we’ve seen the blame game on this matter ad nauseam.

3) Or it could be that Fiji cannot sell cane economically or efficiently anymore. Our agreement with the European Union is based on preferential prices. If that goes down the tube (which looks like it is), who will pay for Fiji’s expensive cane? Other countries can produce it cheaply locally or purchase it for bargain basement prices elsewhere.

Regardless of what is swimming around that treasonous bastard’s head, its not for the benefit of anyone but himself. And when it comes to find someone to blame, the three lettered acronym of SDL will float around. Too bad they don’t realise its the three lettered acronym of FLP which is the problem.


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Narrowing the field, increasing the benefits A fair challenge

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  • 1. butterscotch  |  January 16, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    If Indians in Fiji think they’ve got it made under their leader Chodo, they better think twice FAST! It is tragic that it’s come to this but they need to open their eyes and see these treasonous and tragic lot in the regime, judiciary etc for what they’re really are and condemn them for their actions, choices and selective commitment to the rule of law. For otherwise, this pitiful country will continue to engage in this endless coup culture. You’re never gonna win, the answer to finding our way back to sanity has always been in our Constitution, not in John Samy, Vore and Mataca’s toilet paper military charter!

  • 2. natewaprince  |  January 16, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Just as well the EU has put conditions on the funds Chodo so desperately needs.Otherwise the farmers would be more in debt to the tax evader as he would surely poor more good money after bad

    This bastard is willing to ruin our economy just to save his supporters in the cane belt.And the tourism industry will suffer because it employs so many Fijians.


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