The RFMF – Hero to Zero

January 21, 2008 at 7:17 am 8 comments

*Note: This is only my personal opinion on the matter. It does not reflect the opinion of other freedom bloggers. If you have a friend or family member in the RFMF and you are against to coup, no offence should be taken.

It is really sad that a small island nation in the Pacific with little, should be held hostage by the very people that swore to defend it. Rabuka started it, Bainimarama continued it. Its a crying shame. My interest in the RFMF has been further spurred lately by an article in the New Zealand Herald. There was an article stating that Bainimarama was seeking to address the issue. Unfortunately he can’t see his own shit that he is stepping in.

Over the years since the “Royal Fiji Military Forces”, the RFMF has degraded from a first-class professional army to a rag-tag bunch of misfits. Officers were once trained at the highest standards and troops forged their fearsome reputation in combat.

Fijians have been fighting wars even from the tribal days. They fought as proud sons of the Empire in the World Wars. The Malayan jungle and communist insurgents did not stop the Fijian infantryman achieving such amazing success.

However over the last 20 years, Fiji’s military forces have degraded into some sort “thugs force”. Rabuka started it. He connived and convinced the Vanua he was doing something big for them. All that came was that the Mara’s and Ganilau’s kept their mantle of royalty. The ordinary man and woman realised their livelihoods were set back and they had lost out. Fancy that, everyone getting suckered in so that the two families above reinforced that they were born to rule. One for the ages methinks.

Then fast forward some years later. Bainimarama arrived on the scene. His own troops tried to kill him after they had been personally threatened and were angry that Bainimarama had “overthrown” the very Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara himself. To be honest, throughout this whole kerfuffle, I’m really not sure who is innocent. In fact, every party was guilty as hell as far as I’m concerned. The whole CRW saga in itself was highly embarassing for Fiji as its crack troops mutinied when their country needed them the most.

It is well known that Bainimarama has a underlying disdain for special forces units. He hated the fact that the CRW troops (like the SAS of Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain) were paid more, got their own special armory, specially equipped barracks and equipment. To this day, he always showed a deep down hatred of the Police Tactical Response Group. To him, they were special forces with their “special status” as accorded to them by Andrew Hughes. And it showed when the coup was on. Those poor bastards holed up at their barracks could do nothing but surrender their arms.

And this disdain for special forces shows in the current composition of the RFMF. The senior leadership are hardly befitting for senior officers. You’ve got the overweight Tikoitoga and Teleni. The incoherrent Leweni. The masochist Driti. The terrorist Aziz. And the number one ‘tard’ of them all Bainimarama who reckons to uphold the law you must break it as many times as possible. Now in the RFMF, if you are fit and work hard for what you do, its a bloody crime.

Junior officers can’t motivate their own troops and the senior leadership gives them the idea that slouching and gaining stuff by the barrel the gun is okay.

Troops are no longer disciplined. They don’t train or keep fit. They don’t help fix the potholes in the road or clean up the rubbish off the streets. They sit inside their barracks while their pay gets either delayed or increased to buy their loyalty. The examples of overweight and uncaring troops around Fiji are just endless. I have walked around Suva and seen these guys hassle people or sit down doing nothing.

One pair of troops had fallen asleep on duty with their rifles next to them. Someone could have picked up their rifles and walked off with them.

Examples like this show how the heroes of the past, have gone to zero.

I did find it interesting that the RFMF just before the coup took place showed off their military might by staging night exercises. It was a veiled warning to the lurking Australian forces sitting just off the coast. The ordinary infantryman of the RFMF should realise their chances against troops like the Australians and New Zealanders are slim at best. At their current rate, they barely have the ability let alone the willpower to take on troops who are highly disciplined, fit and well trained. The Royal Australian Air Force would have destroyed the RFMF on the ground before it got a chance to mobilise. Again Bainimarama threatening a foreign country with superior firepower shows his immaturity as a Commander and human being with common sense.

In the worst case Bainimarama was prepared for the epic showdown (should it have occurred). I reckon the senior leadership would have ditched their troops at the critical moment, leaving their minions at the mercy of F/A-18 Hornets, LAV’s, SAS and the rest in tow.

The senior leadership has most to answer for in the RFMF. The officers and soldiers of old would have stood their ground and fought the battle as per orders. This current lot would ditch their posts and get on the first boat out of there.


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Owned! Aziz – fails at most things, here’s another one

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  • 1. Save the Sheep  |  January 21, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Thanks for this article. I too have relatives in the RFMF and I just feel so vry sorry for them. The Rank and File and Junior Officers in particular are so brain washed they cannot see anything, which is of course what you want from a soldier. ‘Obey without question’.

    It is for this very reason that Military ethics dictate that they stay out of politics and out of Civilian business because civilian stuff is too complex to apply military strategy successfully.

    There are truely evil and self serving individuals at the top tier of the RFMF these days. Thes men are chiefs or wannabee chiefs who have used the RFMF to serve themselves. We all know who we are taliking about here.

    To Mahen and his cronies credit, they have manipulated these senior officers by getting to their greed for power over traditional Fiji as well as for money. They have made VB feel guilty about 2000 and have rendered a once proud force impotent to the core. I do feel sorry for the boys as I now resent all of them, even my relatives.

    On fighting the Aussies… What a joke. The result would be no different to the scores we generally see when we play them at rugby. A few brilliant manouvers but the end result would be a trampling.. Trouble is the Aussies would never bother. For them it would only lead to bad press and a public backlash from the 100’s of 1000’s of Aussies who have special memories of Fiji as a holiday destinaton.

    Baini knows this very well hence his ‘Big Mouth’ went into overdrive.

    Yep well written article. Makes me very sad though….

  • 2. Woilei  |  January 21, 2008 at 9:18 am

    Good one Tard ! Soooooo true and sooooooo sad ….. I have had relatives serve with distinction in the days when it was the ROYAL fmf … they have passed on now …. and they will be turning in their graves with what has happened to this once august body.

    This is what happens when you bring a naval seaman into the army and dress him up in lapels. Woilei !!!

    And you are right about Rambo having started this crap…. he is still as opportunist as ever … loves being the “big man”. Eeuww – Cicibona !

  • 3. Anasa Degei  |  January 21, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Let the Aussies invade. We the rest of the Taukei will greet them by the shoreline, ask them for some guns and shoot these arseholes up at Delainabua ourselves.

    By the way, we will save Voreqe and take him to Nakelo, once the people there are finished with him then we will take him to Ovalau so Rabaka’s relos can also have a piece of him the bloody gandoo

  • 4. butterscotch  |  January 21, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    If the ‘real’ soldiers in the RottenFMF have any love left for this country, then PLEASE RESIGN IN MASSES… and leave the bribed military council (whom we all knew from Day 1 to be the real culprits with the heavy pockets) fend for themselves!

    The RFMF has become so stinkin’ rotten that it needs to be disbanded ASAP. To you ‘real but frightened’ soldiers left in the RFMF, this is what we call ‘tough love’. You need to take a tough stance to save the reputation of this once revered and reputable institution. Remember, that if the people of Fiji so wish, there’s no stopping the establishment of a smaller sized military (strictly for peacekeeping duties) but only once the country has returned to parliamentary democracy first! However, the people must ensure there are proper checks and balances put in place first to ensure that there is NO CHANCE of another coup de’tat happening again in the future!

    I thank God my 2 older brothers had the sense to leave the RottenFMF a couple of years back and are both doing very well abroad. I still one or two rellies in there but I’m doing my utmost best to influence them to leave the stinkin’ sinkin’ ship captained by the incompetent murdering PIG!

    Btw, instead of disappearing into the thin shrubs you call forest for yr useless military exercise, for God Almighty’s sake, pls get yr act together and fix up the SEAQAQA HIGHWAY in Vanua Levu and then do up the potholes all around the country for the skinny underpaid PWD workers!

  • 5. kaiwai  |  January 21, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Well done all. No one can dispute this fact..

  • 6. Keep The Faith  |  January 21, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Right on the money with this piece TWF.

    I don’t think that at this time its even ABOUT rellies in the army anymore. It’s the institution that has become the disgrace that it is today.

    Keep em’ coming!!

  • 7. butterscotch  |  January 22, 2008 at 8:53 am

    Hi KTF! Good to see u back!

  • 8. Keep The Faith  |  January 22, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    hey butterscotch…haha — thanks 😉 — just been lurking about reading & watching the state of play…nothings changed with the iG lack of direction but the change for the masses is that life has gotten harder…sigh!

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