Chaudhry – wants to cash in

January 22, 2008 at 8:32 am 3 comments

No surprises about the title. Shocking isn’t it.

Except the fact that every Fijian has known it from day 1.

This latest gem is regarding yacht visits into Fiji. Apparently they are useful conduits for drug running, prostitution and not paying duty. Limiting their stay. All you are doing is turning away people who are willing to spend money in Fiji and pump in necessary funds into the economy.

But of course if Chaudhry has put has finger in the pie saying that these people are not genuine tourists.

Another valuable industry bites the dust. Sad isn’t it. Ventures such at yacht stays which benefits a lot of grass roots Fijians have been ripped up from under them. Instead sugar gets a massive injection to save its communist rooted state. Valuable marinas such as the Vuda one and the Suva yacht club must be ready to club Chaudhry right between the eyes. Their livelihoods have been ripped up from under them.

Unfortunately because of the Chodoman, hard working Fijians will lose their jobs and tourism will once again take a hit.

Lets move on to the reason for the reduced visits. Apparently its due to all the evils that yachties bring into Fiji.

TAKE A HINT FUCKWIT! YOU HAVE NO BLOODY EVIDENCE. Everything that the interim government has accused pretty much all of Fiji of, has been based on rumour and smear. None of it is backed up by any hard facts. Again I believe someone has probably gone and complained to Chaudhry. And with much delight and glee, he has seen it as either a money making venture or chance to stamp all over the Vanua. A bit of both in my opinion.

But another important point has to be made. Chaudhry is earning NO REVENUE from all these activities. If drug smuggling, prostitution and taking local flora and fauna were legal, Chaudhry would be making yacht visits permanent. He would be reaping taxes from the working girls, crazy underworld drug lords and foreign poachers. They would be his allies in his back pocket.

But to be honest if people are smuggling drugs and ‘pimping their ho’s’ without paying tax to the Chodoman (or Chodopu$$), bloody hell let them. At least they wouldn’t be funding the Chaudhry family buying property overseas and lumping large sums of cash in foreign bank accounts

* I hope people can see that last statement was tongue-in-cheek. And if the Chodopu$$ happens to read this, this could be another Fiji Water or Punja money making scheme. You could see legalised drugs, prostitution and poaching legal in Fiji.


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Aziz – fails at most things, here’s another one Who needs to earn one?

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  • 1. natewaprince  |  January 23, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    His vindictiveness isgetting worse every day.This bastard is so full of venom,heis making decisions that detrimental to Fiji’s economy.

    One reason he is lashing out is because of the inevitable demise of his pet sugar industry right before his eyes.And there is nothing he can do about it.

  • 2. Tim  |  January 24, 2008 at 12:52 am

    It seems that the Indo-Fijian who has actually woken up to the true nature of the Almighty Chodo is the Indo-Fijian that has recognised that whilst he retains any influence, there is fuck all chance, and have upped stakes and left.
    Let’s hope many more will come to realise that this man is primarily about self-promotion and personal wealth at whatever cost – mainly those he purports to represent.
    Some of you might wish to read . Chodo’s actual contribution to Fiji is sewing marbles on the penises of RFMF personnel so that he can feel like he has protection.
    Cheep Thrills! Won’t be long before they want to try something new

  • 3. Corruption Fighter  |  January 24, 2008 at 5:57 am

    The Corruption Game

    Has everyone forgotten the clean-up campaign? The coup in Fiji was
    not executed in the name of a Charter, it wasn’t even because of
    complaints about the election. It was all supposed to be in the name
    of ‘cleaning up’. We all know that nothing has happened, apart from
    a Divisional Commissioner being chased over a few bottles of liquor,
    but the real question is what happened to all the allegations that were thrown around in the past?

    By accident I was reminded the other day about just one of the many
    allegations that were thrown around. On August 2 2006 the Hon
    Narendra Padarath made a series of allegations in the House of
    Representatives about the Ba Town Council. These covered “the
    Ba Town Council Library saga”, “the upgrading of the old fish market”, “the Ba Municipal Complex”.

    Allegations were made so regularly and repeated so often that they
    became accepted as fact.

    The list of allegations has now become an indictment of the people
    who made them and the gang of thieves who seized the future of the
    country in the name of those allegations. Bloggers, we need to
    compile a list of who said what and send it to the media.
    Unfortunately, they are not going to that kind of work themselves, so we should help them.

    A lot of them are familiar and well-worn. The alleged sins of
    Fijian Holdings etc.etc. but what we need to do is tie them to the people who actually made and them and ask the media to chase them for their response to the IG’s failure to actually do anything about them. No-one from Fijian Holdings has been charged with anything. So let’s chase the people who were slinging the mud.

    While we’re on the subject of corruption, we need to draw attention again to allegations of tax evasion by a certain senior interim minister. Why doesn’t HE front up with his tax records to show that he is not part of the problem? See the Fiji Times article below.

    SDL: Investigate tax evasion

    Fiji Times – Thursday, November 29, 2007

    THE Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party believes if the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Auhtority (FIRCA) is allowed to do its work it would investigate allegations of tax evasion by a senior interim minister.

    SDL party executive, Peceli Kinivuwai said they blame the interim Government for this.

    ”He (Commander Voreqe Bainimarma) has called on us (SDL) to disclose the names on the Duavata initiative but he will not reveal the name of this minister,” Mr Kinivuwai said.

    ”This minister was falsely disclosing his tax returns for years and that is fraud. If he does not want to reveal the ministers name, then don’t talk about good governance.”

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