Who needs to earn one?

January 25, 2008 at 8:53 am 3 comments

A job is hard work. You’re supposed to prepare a CV, cover letter and make an immaculate first impression. You nail the interview and take the psychometric/intelligence tests.

Not for that damn National Council thingy. All you have to do is wave your hand, say you want to “move Fiji forward” and grease Bainimarama.

Fancy that $100 per day for your membership of the council. Ratu Jo must be thinking that he can take 50 $2 taxi journeys where ever he wants. Just out of curiosity, what constitutes a “day”? Weekdays, whole weeks or time spent while in council? Whatever the answer is, who is paying for it? The average Fijian is paying for this farce. Bloody hell.

Lets take a look at whats happened. The military and tow complained that the SDL was going to bankrupt the country and was using the money for corrupt purposes. Note none of this has been proven. Then we form a council to solve Fiji’s ills. Which is caused by the military takover. Stifled economy, job losses, rampant corruption, nepotism, human rights abuses and the rest.

So they form a council to solve what they caused. Godamn circular causation.

The composition of the council looks like the regular cadre that have been the voices of support towards the RFMF and interim government. Some unusual faces like Mick Beddoes. Hard to believe that someone who laid the law down to the interim government now joins an “arm” of it. Maybe he’s there to keep it honest. Or there for the money. I can’t tell with most people that hang around that scene but way to compromise on your principles.

But note the inclusion of individuals such as Chaudhry and Khaiyum. Nice little salary topup isn’t it? This is on top of their secret cabinet allowances which of course haven’t been disclosed. Note that the latest news I have on this is that the actual topup of approximately 8-10% over what the SDL government ministers were paid in 2006.

So if the council lasts a year and get paid $100 daily, its the equivalent of a FJD $36,500 salary. If only paid in weekdays, then its the equivalent of FJD $26,000. If there are 35 members that is about $1.3 million for a daily salary and $900,000 for a weekday only salary

I bet you the public service unions and their members must be blowing their tops and hitting the roof. They are struggling to make ends meet while some randoms come and take their hard earned money. They were denied their COLA which was to compensate for inflation and other factors, but were told there was not enough money.

Don’t believe this whole spiel that Bainimarama and Chaudhry are going on about regarding land rights. Saying there will not be any change to the status to native land.

It is based on strong evidence that the conversion of native to state land is to be discussed. Insiders say that the current Land Use Commission is a prelude to the real deal. This is designed to entrench coup supporters on native land and then convert the title whenever it is suitable.

It seems far fetched but rumblings in the background from the Chaudhry camp and some Indians suggest that this is very likely. Always read the fine print guys. Because it may bite you when you least expect it. If they can’t get it using the Council and or the People’s (Military) Charter, then see some random promulgations or other fancy ways of doing it. I REPEAT, always make sure you read the fine print.


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Chaudhry – wants to cash in Truely disgusted

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  • 1. Tim  |  January 25, 2008 at 9:35 am

    Well put Tard. Let’s hope nobody is in any doubt that Chodo has a PLAN, and one that by dint of technology and internet has effectively been published – if not IN Fiji, at least to the neighbours. Any politics at play doesn’t alter the fact that he’s been sprung. Which comes first? his death or his being called to account? Really the same goes to the sympathisers. What an asshole of a parent he must be! What a legacy for the minors to have to answer for. What a fucking way to live!.

  • 2. Vakatakilai  |  January 25, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    Unfair isn’t it. But that is the way the world see things. That is how things have been run in the past.

    Lots of people have thrived from being members of different boards over the years, even parliamentarians; member of subcommittees and getting unearned allowances.

    What we should realise is this is the glue that help those in control to tie the knot around the neck of those they control. Assures them that they won’t turn around and bite them in the future as they have been roped in to the crime committed by accepting these large allowances.

    We can ask the question like: Do these people really think that the general public are fools for not seeing through the argument that the economy is down and yet they are paying people these large amounts of cash for doing nothing but to attend meetings whose outcome has already been set? The answer is they well know that this will be the case, however they do it anyway in order to stay in control and get people to their side.

    If they really care to bring Fiji forward, and to get the right people who really want to help, They should advertise and say that to be a member, one has to sacrifice and will not be paid or may be will be refunded for any expenses for attending and contributing to the country’s advancement.

    Genuine people will step forward and not fly by night operators like those in the current council.

    We can also deduce that if the services of these people is bought, than imagine if they can stand up to decisions that is not compliant to the real need of the population. I doubt one will stand up and be counted in these situations for fear of losing that steady income thrown their way by whoever is in control.

    Do not expect anything good out of this IG. Things will get worse as the bible predict. The false hope for a brighter future goes against the Bible teachings. Jesus himself said that you in the last days will fare much worse than what I faced, so folks, though the future is very bleak for all of us, that should not stop us from voicing our discontent and expose the cheats for what they really are.

  • 3. natewaprince  |  January 27, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Hear hear V.

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