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February 2, 2008 at 4:51 am 3 comments

Fuck off Hassan Khan.  You dickhead.

Blame the media for the ills of Fiji. Blaming the media for orchestrating the coup.

Typical of that brigade. Blame the party that reported under severe duress the events of December 2006 onwards. I reckon this guy should take a look at who really holds the power. The same people who wield the guns and who were given power that were not deserving of it.

The article on his little tirade was just so good. It deserves its own little analysis.

1) He reckons those people on ‘that damn council’ should be paid more for their service and contributions to Fiji. It would be insulting to their intelligence. He also mentions these people have no source of regular income and the previous parliamentarians who allegedly slept during their office are not deserving of it.

TWF says: Yeah right, you munter. Why the hell should these dickheads who have not earned their passage be entitled to any money? They have not won an election, nor worked hard or diligently for their keep. They are far from intelligent people, rather opportunists who believe Fiji owes them when its the other way round. Its interesting that the noted they have no source of regular income. Isn’t that rather ironic? That these people who had nothing suddenly greased up to the retards in power and asked for some handouts. People who are elected (and mind you parliamentarians have been caught napping on the job all over the world) deserve their keep because they worked hard.

2) The media are hypocrites according to Hassan Khan.

TWF says: Why are they hypocrites? Because they are paid to do a job. A job which again they earned through hard work and perseverance. Through spending years doing journalism at University or working through to get to the top. Receiving a $100 a day keep because you were chosen and greased up to the man is not that. So who is the hypocrite now?

3) He also mentions that the media started the coup.

TWF says: Go back to your hovel son. How did they start it? I believe the military were the ones threatening the former government, police commissioner, civilians and foreign governments. They were the ones who committed the murders and assaults. They pointed the gun at people and told them that their livelihoods would be inherited by someone else. They committed high treason.

The media just told it as it was. Hard to hide the fact that the RFMF were doing military exercises to scare off the mighty Australian Defence Force sitting off the coast. Or that the former government was removed in that grandstanding speech that Voreqe made on that fateful day.

4) Democracy belongs to the “rich media”.

TWF says: No it does not. It belongs to all Fijians. If you want to live in a caliphate, move overseas. That would solve the bulk of our problems. 


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We’ll decide, you can fuck off Loss of credibility

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  • 1. butterscotch  |  February 2, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    Admit it jihad Hassan Khan, u’re losing it fast like your boss, the PIG! The good Lord would like you both to go and commit suicide.

    C’mon guys, YOU BOTH CAN DO IT… this is the only time that I’ll wish you both all the success to accomplish it!

  • 2. woilei  |  February 3, 2008 at 4:25 am

    haha good one TWF – what is it with guys like Hassan – supposedly supposed to be championing the cause of the downtrodden – its like him , Mataca, Yabaki , Aiyassi , and the Mimi sisters etc ectc have gone t the same doctor who has given them frontal lobotomies .. holy bejeeesusus!

  • 3. Tui  |  February 5, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    Idiot Hassan has just been raped by the IG thugs and he seems to like. In fact he is asking the IG to rape him some more! What a freakin looser. The whole lot of them Mataca, Yabaki and poofter Dakuvula see the blood of Fijians flowing and they all rush to the pig to see more blood flow. F#$%^&n murderers. Next time I see you in the streets of Suva I’ll spit in your faces! Bastordos!

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