Bomb threat…

February 6, 2008 at 1:09 am 1 comment

Ex Fiji Tourist has his information right on the money about the bomb threat at the Holiday Inn.

It has the fingerprints of ‘dirty’ Driti all over it. But our sources from the inside say this was a combined and orchestrated maneuver from all the top brass. The word is that Aziz, Qiliho and Bainimarama as well had planned this once the word about the conference went out. Bainmarama had noted that several members of the NCBBF were participating in this conference alongside those who had vehemently opposed it. So he directed his top brass to dedicate themselves to a plan to stop the conference and put an end to it. It was to save face by the public not seeing those members publicly debate the issues.

Chaudhry had also had his finger in the pie. Our sources also tell us that Chaudhry was at pains to see the conference go ahead. Once again members of NCBBF participating and going against delays in the elections had made his blood boil. The very idea of elections in 2009 has been discussed much among himself, his son and his FLP collegaues. His conversations to his closest peers confirmed this. So he directed Bainimarama to put in the big one and find some way of stopping the conference.

Now whether Driti and co called it in because they wished to derail Bainimarama is something that is hard to piece together. But Bainimarama definately had a hand in asking for what could be done. The means to do break up the conference was not of Bainimarama’s doing.

It was either that or the police would have broken up the conference by force. Not wanting to anger the international community anymore, Driti had setup the plan to call in the bomb threat. It was quick, painless and hard to detect. But our inside sources don’t really have to do much. The senior military brass and interim government seem to mumble these things out loud to whoever they want. Through that people keep telling others and wham, you have your scoop.

But believe me, this is the RFMF at their ‘best’ surprisingly. The level of violence they are capable of is beyond belief.


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  • 1. Lau Lass  |  February 6, 2008 at 3:58 am

    Their evil deeds & plans will come back to haunt them, the PIG & his cronies!!! O na oti mai Sakaraia!!!! The PIG is such a blockhead, talking on FM Legend today with Qarase, you can just tell who has got brains & who has shit brains. The PIG is full of personal attacks, nothing sensible & constructive comes out of his mouth. Vinaka, Qarase says, the military has no business in the govt., full stop. Take your guns & clean up your barracks, they are so filthy!!!!

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