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February 8, 2008 at 4:22 am 4 comments

Sauleca, a soldier in 3FIR has spoken out against his lord and masters. Whether this is genuine or not, this is a sign that the military isn’t the wholesome, cohesive unit that it makes itself out to be. This is unedited. If Sauleca wishes to make a post or contribution to this blog, please contact us through our email or leave a comment.

I am a career soldier in the FMF.I want to inform the public that not every soldier agrees with the Commander and his direction.We see up in the barracks that the commander has been corrupted by the FLP.We do not agree with him on siding with any political party to conduct a coup.

The bomb threat is nothing new because it is used by Ops on the command from the top to disrupt any event that will give credit to the Mil Command’s enemies.There were many bomb threats in 2000, 2001 and all carried out by certain soldiers on a command.

Most soldiers are fed up with the direction of the military.Our families , relatives and the citizens of Fiji are the ones suffering and in turn we suffer.Every body in Fiji is suffering because of a misguidance by those in command and in the IG.

All the OR’s and many officers are daily discussing the possibility of returning the country to the people to end this abuse.Many soldiers want to return to normal duties.

I am a real soldier and always known for my outspoken views up at camp. I urge the public to be patient and look out for more posts as we negotiate with the bosses about our requests.I urge those in command to ask God for repentance for those who have suffered and died during this coup.No coup is worth the life of a citizen and the command must start to reverse all these actions that have hurt Fiji.

Those politicians who are supporting this coup should step down because the time has come when the soldiers have a change of heart.Most of us are Chistians,we belong to a respected Yavusa and we are also loyal citizens.

I warn Commander not to go back on his word of next years election or there will be serious consequences among the ranks.Forgive your enemies Commander because that is the mark of a real Christian and Fijian.Oqo na gainisala e dodoni, savasava ka dina.Kena levu saka”


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Disunited The imploding begins

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  • 1. ex Fiji Tourist  |  February 8, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Today’s Fiji; The way the world doesn’t want it to be.

    * a traitorous, madman claiming to be PM

    * a convicted felon in charge of the money [not enough now to buy toilet paper]

    * an ignorant, obese deckhand in charge of the police [supposedly]

    * a superstitious, wannabe bollywood actor raiding buildings everywhere in Suva

    * an illegal incompetent AG who is trying to hide from exposure from the IBA

    * a judiciary which has been stacked with coup-coup supporters

    * etc, etc

    Why can’t these fools follow the lead of the military in Thailand and admit that they made a mess of things.

  • 2. Fiji Democracy Now  |  February 9, 2008 at 1:47 am

    This report on Fijilive makes it clear that:

    1. Nasir Ali is completely mad and out of control.
    2. He obviously has some powerful, but stupid protector.
    3. Teleni is unable to take action because of that protection
    4. Ganilua is completely impotent (things haven’t been the same since Ratu left him to fend for himself).
    5. Frank is as powerless as the others or no-one shows him the news reports about all the troubles.

    Will the Military Council step in? Who is Nasir All’s protector? Must be Eye Arse, Chodo’s reckless but not stupid. If he is not squashed, Nasir Ali will bring the whole regime down with his manic behaviour.

    Go Nasir! Go!

    Nasir denies coup claim slams superior
    Fijilive – 09 FEB 2008

    A senior Fiji police officer has warned he will take the deputy police chief to court over reports he had complained of a coup plot against Fiji’s interim Prime Minister.

    Assistant Police Commissioner (Crime) Nasir Ali has denied writing a letter to PM Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama alleging that Commissioner Esala Teleni and his deputy Eroni Antonio were intending to commit a coup.

    In a memorandum addressed to Antonio and hand delivered by Ali to the media yesterday, Ali warned Antonio of serious consequences if he doesn’t produce the document.

    Ali said that he has written to lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry asking him to look into the matter.

    “I am now considering appropriate action against you (Antonio) until and unless you are able to produce such documents which you are claiming that I have written to PM,” Ali said in his memo.

    He also denies being demoted as a result of his alleged action, saying Teleni “has made it clear that I am responsible to him and not anyone else and he has publicly made statements that he did not issue any such directive”.

    Ali accuses Antonio of vengeance against officers directly under him and said that he is directing them “not to comply with your illegal and vengeful directive” to be transferred.

    Ali also said if the need arises he will use all his powers to seek a restraining order against Antonio.

    He adds, that his recommendation to the authorities resulted in Antonio’s promotion to the post of Deputy Police Commissioner last year.

    Alt wants Antonio to offera “satisfactory reply” by next Monday or face court action.

    Comments are being sought from Antonio.

  • 3. ex Fiji Tourist  |  February 9, 2008 at 3:13 am

    Any person who is part of the chaudhry orchestrated military junta is a criminal; treason is a crime.

    They will all be jailed including the illegal, incompetent health minister who is like a fish out of water when facing the health problems in Fiji today.

    No wonder countries are warning their citizens to stay away from Fiji.

    If only bananasinpyjamas could swallow his pride and ask ask the UN and WHO to take over the health services to curtail the spread of deadly diseases in Fiji.

  • 4. Mark Manning  |  February 10, 2008 at 4:24 am

    I reposted this post from the Times , the next day for all to see again . I hope Frank saw it and his silly supporters . My guess is they must be getting extremely concerned now and that it won’t be long before they’re all pointing the finger at the other , like the Police are doing at the moment . Who’s on first base ?

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