Think of the children

February 9, 2008 at 4:14 am Leave a comment

Whenever I watch The Simpsons, I always think of the wife of the Reverend Lovejoy. Whenever Springfield is in dire ‘strife’ and the mob congregates, she always says “Won’t someone think of the children?”.

At this point of time, someone should really think of the children in Fiji.

From the youngest who won’t understand what is going on to the older ones who have lived through 2000 and are more aware of whats going on. This must be hell for them. Their future is being torn up and moulded into disgusting new shapes by the RFMF and the interim government.

Their education has been lopped off with the Ministry of Education receiving less funding and the uncertain future of receiving more. The places where they are to be nurtured and bought up in shows them awful realities. Their role models such as rugby players or educated Fijians in top places have been replaced by the military and undeserving, lamu individuals.

The RFMF and their enablers are giving a poor example to these children. They are telling them “If you don’t like something or someone, beat them up and threaten them until you get what you want”. The future of Fiji is dire not because of the ‘tards’ in power but the legacy of what they will leave them. The lessons that they are parroting on the airwaves day after day. They are trying to mould the future to believe in their ways.

But the children of Fiji must be shown the way. They must be shown that peace can exist in Fiji. They must be shown that all races living together in harmony is possible. They must be shown that democracy works and their voice counts. You must encourage them to work for things in life. Going to university or learning a trade should be actively promoted in the house. Once they learn this, then they will know that what is going on in Fiji is plain wrong.

If your children are being taught by their teachers that the RFMF and interim government are good and gracious, I would have a word with them. School is not the place for your children to be indocrinated with this tripe. Their sports coaches and extracurricular leaders should not be doing this either.

I would rather listen to a 5 year old Fijian child give me tips on how to run Fiji than some dickwad like Bainimarama who would ‘force’ me to believe in his ideas. The ideas running around the heads of our sons and daughters are the most valid. They are the most pure and relevant.


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