Where Fiji has stood

February 24, 2008 at 3:28 am 1 comment

Fiji as most of you will probably know (hopefully for humour’s sake) was a British Colony. Fijians have fought and died under the Union Jack. We were once part of that power the British Empire. A fair proportion of Indians (not all of course) have always despised the British Empire and what it stood for. Granted it wasn’t the best people to be ruled by and they did do some bad things in their time.

It has been always back to the Indian struggle before they gained independence. The Raj for many Indians was a symbol of oppression. But Indians in Fiji cannot claim they have any linkage with what happened over there. What happened there was different to Fiji. But their long hatred for Britain goes back to that fact.

They disliked the British to no end right up until Fiji’s independence in 1970. They hated the way they were being ruled and the fact the Fijians were given special rights accorded to them as the Vanua. Few Indians in Fiji served overseas and this was seen to be a slur on their loyalty to Fiji and the Empire.

But of course they cried when the coup happened in 1987. They wanted the protection and support from Britain to ensure they were not marginalised.

You cannot just ask for help when you feel like. Mutual respect is an important part of life.

Fiji has always stood close to her neighbours Australia and New Zealand. She has stood less closer but in equal importance with countries such as the United States, Canada and of course Britain. The Western Alliance was Fiji’s protection during the Cold War. We have been fortunate to stand by close with these countries during the trying times and the good times. Remember India was not going to the rescue of Fiji during the Cold War. She would have to relied on the Australians and the New Zealanders to put their hand up as in years gone by.

Our connections with these countries are important. Our families live there. We watch and play rugby in these countries. Most of our trade is done with these countries and they sit on major air routes which feed Fiji’s tourism industry. They are English speaking and we have reasonably good access to them. They have been the major parties who have donated aid and support to Fiji.

We’re coming to a stage where the relations with the countries that have stood with Fiji for a long time are being strained to a permanently damaged state. Fiji is now sliding towards relationships with countries that it has never known. Countries who’s relationships come with a price tag (i.e. Fiji does not just get something for free). If Fiji was to get into major strife, do you think countries such as China and India would come full steam to help? I don’t think so.

We have stood with our traditional allies through so much. Its not worth damaging that so the ego’s of the RFMF and interim government can be stroked.


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  • 1. Save the Sheep  |  February 25, 2008 at 12:24 am

    India has a dreadful hisory in Human Rights and fair play. It is ironic that we in Fiji are being advised on these issues by ethnic Indians who themselves as a race show little regard for the rights of anyone beyond themselves first, their family second, only if they dont poise a threat to thm individually, and their religeon third.

    Certainly India wont be around to protect Fiji at all. Fiji like all the Islands of the Pacific is seen as a place to exploit and profit from.

    Australia and NZ have been guilty of that too but to invite China and India to the feast will surely be the ruin of this Country.

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