Class struggle

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The latest press conference or flame fest that Bainimarama held on Sunday has highlighted how he and Chaudhry wish to portray the coup.

The notions of class struggle seem to be in the mix all the time. Its always the commoners versus the elite.

The commoners in the eyes of Bainimarama happen to be the interim government, RFMF and their cronies.

The elite are the chiefs, lawyers, NGO’s and the educated class of Fiji.

Every time it seems the elite have ‘hoodwinked (jesus that word gets uttered everywhere) the commoners and are usurping their rights. Taking away their money and their land. The commoners are the ‘battlers’ The little guy who is standing up against the big mean angry elitist monsters.

It could not be any further from the truth.

The so called commoners in the form that I have described seem to be the elite. They have all the power and control. The highest salaries for any employee go their way and all their cronies. They make all the policy decisions for us and never want to hear our voice. The judiciary is stacked in their favour to ensure the best possible outcome (believe me, these bastards shop for judges like there is no tomorrow). All the privileges, pomp and ceremony is accorded to these so called ‘kings’.

The so called elite are the commoners. Standing up for ordinary folk when they are accused of everything and denied their rights. Sure some of these people are wealthy in their own right. But they have never flaunted their wealth or power like those who call themselves ‘commoners. People like Graham Leung and Ratu Joni Mandarawiwi face obstacles higher than the Universe to ensure they are heard and are represented. They are understated but have a presence that none of the RFMF or interim government will ever have.

Continuing on with this theme is the idea that chiefs such as the one listed above as well as Ro Teimumu Kepa are devious and seeking to undermine the Vanua. They say that they have done more for the Vanua than anyone prior to them.

Lets compare:

Ro Teimumu Kepa – in a time of need such as the December 2006 coup, she stood up and represented not only ‘her lot’ but all right minded Fijians. She gave direction and leadership in a time of need.

Commander Bainimarama – committed an act of treason in that same month. He has constantly attacked and accused all Fijians of conspiring against him. Worse still, he has gone and undermined the Vanua with Chaudhry in tow. Why should someone who continues to destroy the indigenous peoples and their country, be their highest representative in the GCC?

Ro Teimumu for GCC Prez!


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