Poor bastard

February 26, 2008 at 5:37 am 3 comments

Hearing about how the publisher of the Fiji Sun was deported really made my blood boil. The word ‘bastard’ in Australia and New Zealand is a term of endearment rather than insult. I really felt sorry for the way he was treated. Treated like a circus animal.

And what do we get from our regular parrots in the RFMF, Police and interim government.

“We didn’t know”

“There was a good reason”

Yeah right. They knew everything. Most likely Mahendra Chaudhry couldn’t take heat and snapped. Deport this guy, arrest this guy, charge this guy. Like the ‘assassination plot’ was a coverup for the murder soldiers being held back to be charged, the deporting of Hunter and charging of Qarase  is the revenge or cover for Chaudhry’s crimes.

And the nutter that is our interim Prime Minister says media freedom is secure. But that little statement was qualified with a massive list of conditions. He took massive swipes at the media for their sensationalist, biased and unbalanced reporting. They should be accurate, balanced and informative according to him.

Yeah and they’re not doing that now? Shit, they are reporting what you are too scared to admit publically. Shows that he really has no idea what he is talking about. Or that contradiction of an Attorney-General (who has been rather quiet recently) who goes and says the most conflicting and hypocritcal toff that ever was to grace the public speaking circuit.

Then that tart of an Ombudsman/Human Rights Commissioner who supports Chaudhry as if she was his ‘two bit’ dick sucking slave. Fancy that. She goes on about how innocent Chaudhry is and how he should fight this. Giving sound advice eh? Then when that ‘poor bastard’ Hunter gets deported, she refers to the constitutional passage (the only time she actually acknowledges the constitution) and gives a lame answer. Says to me, you don’t care sweetheart. Or sourpuss.

Everyone is demanding that Chaudhry resign or step down so investigations can take place. Chiefs, union leaders, NGO’s and the educated class. But of course the highly uneducated (yes look at their qualifications) RFMF and interim government who consider themselves commoners think they are the ‘untouchables’ The elite who cannot be harassed, charged or questioned.

Oh and by the way Bainimarama is meeting with some senior representatives of the United States and Commonwealth tomorrow. They are discussing Fiji’s move towards elections. Bainimarama in all his wisdom mentioned that we are moving towards elections but to understand Fiji’s plight and situation. They must understand that Fiji is in a bad way and must be bought through the guidance of the RFMF and interim government towards the light.

We have to pay for the bullshit the RFMF, interim government and cronies have created. Do you really think that those people are that stupid? His lack of respect for people shows as he lies to them. The more you lie, the less respect you get. They are there probably for a laugh. Also remember these representatives would have read the headlines in the last few days and seen that Bainimarama is not genuine about anything. A raving lunatic.


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The sweet candy Beddoes resigns, council loses more respect

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  • 1. Fiji Democracy Now  |  February 27, 2008 at 4:26 am

    he revelation that the deportation of Fiji Sun publisher, Russell Hunter, ignored an order by the High Court of the Republic of Fiji is another damning indictment of the Bainimarama dictatorship and its total disregard for the rule of law.

    By subverting the law and engaging in crude Gestapo tactics, Fiji’s military-backed regime is once again demonstrating its true, illegal nature.

    But this latest episode by a serial abuser of office and human rights is different in one important respect. This time the whole world is looking on.

    And others don’t like what they see, as evidenced by strong statements from the governments of New Zealand and Australia.

    Moreover, in mass media terms, because Hunter was thrown out of Fiji for incurring the wrath of the CHODOPU$$, what had been a domestic Fiji news story has suddenly become an international one.

    The tawdry financial dealings of the CHODOPU$$ have taken on a whole new life as a juicy scandal in the island paradise of Fiji: a corrupt minister (a former prime minister no less!), his tax evasion and his huge overseas banks accounts.

    By acting as a law unto themselves, Bainimarama and Chaudhry have well and truly shot themselves in the foot.

    The only positive aspect of this very public outing of Fiji’s desperate leadership is that it will increase international pressure on them to stick to a March 2009 election timetable.

    After this disastrous Bainimarama/Chaudhry interlude, Fiji’s return to full parliamentary democracy-and a free media-cannot come soon enough.

  • 2. Fiji Democracy Now  |  February 28, 2008 at 3:01 am

    The Russell Hunter deportation saga provides solid evidence of two things: that the leadership of Fiji’s current illegal regime considers itself to be beyond the law and, secondly, that the leadership doesn’t care what damage it does to the country as long as it can intimidate its critics and maintain its hold on power.

    And if that’s not enough, it also proves that Bainimarama and CHODOPU$$ are not only inter-dependent but so desperate to maintain their regime that they will do anything (we mean ANTHING!) to protect their respective positions.

    In any civilized country, the rule of law applies as much to the country’s leaders as it does to the ordinary man or woman in the street. But as acting Fiji Sun publisher and Chief Editor, Samisoni Kakaivalu, pointed out in the Fiji Times yesterday “It seems there’s no law anymore.”

    Just let’s consider the sequence of events in the Russell Hill “deportation.” The way they unfold shows exactly how Fiji is being ruled these days.

    At around 8.30 on Monday evening two men identifying themselves as
    immigration officials gained entry to Hunter’s house and asked to see the family’s passports. Becoming increasingly aggressive, and with the support of five others who had been waiting in a vehicle outside, they persuaded Mr Hunter to leave with them to go to their “office.”

    But instead they drove him to Nadi and held him incommunicado until morning when Hunter was put on an Air Pacific flight to Sydney.

    While this was going on. Hunter’s colleagues at the Fiji Sun were alerted and immediately contacted the illegal interim minister for immigration, Rato Epeli Ganilau. As reported in various Fiji media, Ganilau’s clear response to media questions was that he had no knowledge of the abduction of Hunter.

    But less than 24 hours later he made an official statement to the effect that
    Hunter had been legally “deported” under the provisions of the regime’s shonky new immigration law/ introduced on 3 January.

    So, was he lying to those journalists who contacted him on the Monday night?

    On balance we don’t think so. OK, he’s no man of honour as demonstrated by his decision to join the illegal interim government in the first place. But at least, in the traditional and strictly technical sense, he is turaga, unlike Frank, who has shown himself to belong in the ranks of Fiji’s least distinguished kai si.

    So Ganilau’s ignorance of events on Monday night can mean only one thing: the order to seize and “deport” Hunter came from above. It was either Bainimarama or his charming mentor, CHODOPU$$.

    We know that CHODOPU$$ had good reason to pay back the Fiji Sun for the considerable inconvenience it had caused him in recent weeks.

    But it would also be in Bainimarama’s interest to see to it personally that the people who had the effrontery to try and expose CHODPU$$’s be given a good lesson. Because ifCHODOPU$$ is in trouble, then Bainimarama is vulnerable.

    And, given his recent record of paying lip service to civil society and then going outside the law of the land, the cowboy dictator would not have blinked as he rode roughshod over minor legal considerations, like a High Court order.

    But, as FDN pointed out earlier, he ended up shooting himself in the foot. His precipitous, punch-first-tell-lies-later approach to the Hunter “deportation” has put the CHODOPU$$’s dubious dealings under international media scrutiny.

    The levels of adverse international publicity and condemnation triggered by this latest caper are the highest we have seen since the December 2006 coup.

    With its economy crumbling and its international image eroding by the day, this latest outrage is something Fiji didn’t need. What we do need, more than anything else, is the immediate departure of these arrogant and amoral clowns and full restoration of parliamentary democracy.

  • 3. Keep The Faith  |  February 28, 2008 at 4:27 am

    Of course THE SHYSTER is a “‘two bit’ dick sucking slave”!!

    The likes of Ma’chaud, Yabaki, Dakuvula et all put her in there in the first blinking place!

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