They conveniently forget

February 27, 2008 at 4:59 am Leave a comment

Finally, that mentally inept Attorney-General finally opens his mouth for the first time in ages. Shame that all the birds flew away and animals started to howl in pain.

He mentioned that the interim government did not breach any court order regarding the deportation of Fiji Sun editor Russell Hunter. In fact they are still unaware of the fact there was a court order.

Typical of this bunch. When their ‘enemies’ are targetted, night court sessions and the full force is used. No discretion and the outbursts are continual. The crucial pieces in the puzzle go missing. Then when it comes for the explanation, they were ‘conveniently’ unaware of what was going on. Pricks.

However, when their lot feels the heat its a different story. They condemn everyone, get advice from the FHRC Commissioner, evidence turns up left, right and centre to prove everyone wrong.

The High Court gave the order and they were bound by it. Not doing so is breaking the law and compromising the ability of the judiciary to do their job. Selective applications of the law are evidence of endemic interference, corruption and favouritism. One for the Fijian populace, one for the tards. They have flagrantly broken the law and will not even allow Mr Hunter to return to defend himself.

Of course that knob Khaiyum says they haven’t been served yet with the notice. The retards in power went around firing civil servants and didn’t even give them their termination notices.

So that would mean they are still entitled to their jobs. Right?


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