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February 27, 2008 at 5:09 am Leave a comment

I said it to the interim Prime Minister. I just made threatening and inciteful comments against him. Where is Teleni with his force to come and take me to task? If you don’t get my title, see today’s Fiji Village.

I can’t believe the people like Bubu, SV and the rest have been blogging from Fiji, yet the so called crackdown against bloggers hasn’t even found them. Try and find me you fuckwits.

But back to the story at hand. In all his wisdom, the interim Prime Minister has said that Bose ni Turaga (BT) cannot have their meeting to discuss theKrishnamurthi report, mahogany harvesting and landowner returns. Apparently they need a permit to hold it because it a public rally.

Just try and step on these chiefs, you nub. This is the Vanua flexing their muscle against the RFMF and interim government’s nonsense. So as soon as he hears there will be less than positive things said, he readies his goons with their M16’s ready to fire on their OWN chiefs. How can a meeting inside a building and conference centre be a public rally? Its an organised meeting of a organised group who seek to discuss issues. Not protest or anything.

Trust me, Bainimarama is doing this to prove a point but doesn’t realise the repurcussions. He has no idea how influential and guiding the chiefs of Fiji are. Somewhere in his mind, he is deluding himself. He thinks that because he usurped the GCC, that no one cares about their chiefs. Or everyone will suddenly flock to him to look for guidance.

Yeah right. The Fijian never will forget their chiefs and their guiding/spiritual influence. Trample and hurt them and you might find the RFMF facing their own people.


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They conveniently forget Legalising the Gestapo

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