Dirty ‘Driti’ can’t help himself

March 3, 2008 at 8:34 am 1 comment

The fantastic article by Soli Vakasama on Pita Driti’s little letter to the Fiji Times just left me in tears.

I don’t know whether to give him a hiding or just laugh at him. The Yanks direct a thinly veiled warning the way of the junta and Bart Simpson (note he took his hairstyle off an American cartoon kid) took objection. Yeah, you try and threaten a country that could turn Fiji into a carpark or glass bowl. I think the average Fijian takes exception to an unrepresented buffoon saying the U.S. should bugger off. Especially after Bainimarama went in with such high hopes in those high level talks.

He was probably thinking: “These Americans aren’t that clever. I’m sure I can pull a fast one. I fooled a few here, maybe I can fool a few over there.”

Mr Davies was probably thinking: “Oh god, not this dickhead again. Please put a bullet through my head for I don’t want to listen to his crazy Hitler talk and building a better Fiji. If he’s trying to build a better Fiji, he is one shitty carpenter.”

I’m not sure whether he wrote this himself. It seems that poem of this intellectual standing is too much for someone who likes squeezing other men’s testicles for his own sadomasochist pleasure. He probably found some 10 year old kid on the street who obviously has a higher IQ then him and told him to write it.

Or else barracks is the word for this poor kid.

Here is the link to the article: Goodness

The poem is posted below for your viewing (or laughing pleasure):

Powerful Eagle

Oh USA the powerful “Eagle” to you democracy is fair and the answer to life’s quandaries.

Oh USA the powerful “Eagle” to invade Iraq and the present daily loss of lives is fair.

Your own young lives wasted in the battle field of a foreign land and with the innocent, die everyday.

Perhaps for democracy or perhaps for oil.

Oh USA the powerful “Eagle” only you can invade another sovereign nation.

But it is for democracy you the big powerful “Eagle” are always quick to declare.

To an eagle there are no boundaries;

To hunt is the eagle for whatever the spoil;

For the nest is important and as for the oil.

Oh USA the powerful “Eagle” you rule the skies and beyond the horizon are your dreams.

The whole world to rule as the eagle spreads its wings.

Oh USA who then are we, the weaker nations, to dare?

God bless Fiji.

P. Driti


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Legalising the Gestapo I am crying…

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  • 1. Hysterical Peril  |  March 4, 2008 at 1:29 am

    I seriously think our Drits was drunk at the time. Oh but thats no excuse is it?

    If this portarys the calibre of who is ruling over us, Lord pls strike me dead!

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