Just keeps stepping in it

March 4, 2008 at 5:05 am 3 comments

Too bad Bainimarama can never see what he’s stepping in. After reading and hearing today’s news, I can safely say this man has an IQ less that Forrest Gump. Remember Gump achieved a lot in his life and helped a lot of people. Unlike Mr Kiuva Fail.

Lets see:

1) Tells prominent Vanua to stop misleading indigenous Fijians – as if. They are the only ones keeping the delicate glue well bonded in this tough time. And anyway, you’ve done more to piss off the Vanua than anyone else. Trying to remove their rights, taking over the indigenous affairs portfolio, de-reserve native land, change the GCC and threaten high chiefs to name a few. All you need is a spark to ignite something big. Fortunately (or unfortunately), big man Bainimarama uses sparklers and runs around the indigenous peoples like he doesn’t care.

2) Tells lawyers he doesn’t want to meet with him – hey dude, whats the big deal with the inclusiveness. Discussing the issues. Getting together over some grog and talking about grassroots issues that affect the big picture. To be honest, he probably refused them because he would be absolutely humiliated by talking in front of them. He would start crying and ask his torture mate Driti to come and start some of his homoerotic sadomasochism on the legal fraternity. Personally this was an excellent opportunity to iron out some real big ticket items. But the FLS probably wanted a bit of laughter in their lives and decided to get Bainimarama to enable a live comedy show. Imagine the lawyers quoting case law and legislation and hearing Bainimarama answer each question with “I am the law”.

3) Tells everyone to cooperate with him or elections are goneburgers – please somebody give this guy a purple nurple. No one wants to cooperate with you because you have accused everyone of being corrupt, illegal or inciting pricks. If you’re nice to someone, you tend to get niceness in return. Unfortunately, he thinks the whole of Fiji are his battalions of inept, uneducated and peabrained soldiers. Take a hint. Most Fijians don’t like you and even more would like to see you strung up like Mussolini. Like the bloody traitor and enabler of murder he was. Insulting chiefs and telling them to go back to their villages.

Note, the chief is a vital link to the people. Insult them and chiefs will start badmouthing you. Stupid tard.

He also reckons that the indigenous Fijian will only have their traditional clothes and canoes if the Indians leave. They don’t want the Indian to leave. They want the things the way it used to be. Everyone got along without vendettas. Another thing. Every time a Fijian becomes successful or tries to make something of themselves, don’t put them down or try to make their lives a misery. If you do that, the average Fijian will prosper and everyone around them.


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I am crying… The racist one is…

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  • 1. ex Fiji Tourist  |  March 4, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    ” Failure to deliver to the people ” – bananasinpyjamas 2008

    Health services were being delivered in 2006.

    Education services were being delivered in 2006.

    Water services were being delivered in 2006.

    Electricity services were being delivered in 2006.

    Judicial services were being delivered in 2006.

    Communication services were being delivered in 2006.

    Human Rights services were being delivered in 2006.

    Now in 2008, after 15 months of barbaric, moronic control by chaudhry’s junta, these services have been compromised, disappeared or abandoned.

    So what exactly did previous govts fail to deliver?

    ” There is no law in Fiji! ” Hunter 2008

  • 2. Save the Sheep  |  March 5, 2008 at 12:11 am

    I dont know why Bainimarama keeps bringing up the Race Issue.. No-one else is?????

  • 3. iceman  |  March 5, 2008 at 6:01 am

    Voreqe you magaibumu, it is because of you my beloved Fiji is suffering!!!. My absolute wish is that you are exterminated soon.

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