Bainimarama + Chaudhry = Dangerous Cocktail

March 8, 2008 at 2:06 am Leave a comment

I always thought that going to my local bar to get the latest concoction on offer was always a treat. All sorts.

The latest cocktail to hit Fiji (actually its been around for over a year) is just explosive. The molotov cocktail has nothing on these twos mixed, fuelled and bottled up.

Recently we learned that now the two military spokesmen have been fired (Qiliho and Aziz) and Bainimarama has taken over the role. He has overtaken ‘dirty’ Driti as Fiji’s jack of all trades. The recommendation by the military council to investigate Chaudhry definately irked the Chodopu$$ and conveniently he has a patsy in the wholly retarded Bainimarama. So he gets the “Ko Man Da” to remove the two meddling military council boys and put him in the role.

Its simply just to keep control of what goes out publicly. Chaudhry knows hes in a very precarious position and he needs control of what the government line is. So as his many tentacles keep spreading, so does his influence. Don’t believe for a minute that Bainimarama is controlling all these portfolios and roles for himself. Chaudhry is the pulling the strings and keeping the pressure up. He knows that Bainimarama’s temper is enough to make even little babies cry. So he uses his frequent outbursts against their common enemies as an advantage. Supression and evasion.

Supression – needs to keep the Vanua knocked down and leave bleeding. Its important for his sake that every avenue that the Fijians have to seek redress or get rid of him is blocked. Obviously Bainimarama has greater control over his minion troops than once thought. Chaudhry is using this direct link to have some sort of ‘out clause’. Bypassing the senior military leadership is important for him as their suspicion and plotting is dangerous. Keeping control of Bainimarama is his way of keeping his enemies at bay.

Evasion – the Chodopu$$ knows Bainimarama is thick as pig shit. When an issue pops up, he knows his ineptitude always gets the better of him and his tangential rantings is a great evasive tactic. By using Bainimarama’s childless rants about incitement, moving Fiji forward, corrupt lawyers and chiefs, Chaudhry escapes brutal criticism. The subject matter of the day becomes deflected and he can keep sticking his finger into the pie. Whenever the media ask the telling questions about the tax evasion, Bainimarama gets flared up and starts having a go at the journalists.

Except Fijians are not that stupid. They can see all these abuses, promulgations and flagrant violations of the laws are nailing ever more nails into the coffin.


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