Khaiyum brothers = obvious failure

March 8, 2008 at 2:32 am 1 comment

You certainly could not do any worse than the retarded Khaiyum brothers who seem to want to join the ‘elite’ list of Fijian families.

I thought that Aiyaz was bad. Poor legal arguments, lack of experience and total blindness to the law. How can someone with a law degree fuck up badly on so many constitutional arrangements? His mindless rants against everybody just leaves you speechless. Wearing a sulu does not make you any more Fijian than you already think you are. Interesting he has been rather quiet lately. His only recent outburst was remarking that the State did not receive the order stopping the deportation of the Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter. He received it alright. The fax records will show this in due time.

But if things didn’t get any worse, Fiji gets beset with the other Khaiyum brother. Buy one, get one free. Oh wait, Riyaz is being paid a CEO’s salary. So I guess, buy one, get another for some more.

His latest behaviour regarding his journalists been taken to task over a story aired by them over the who Qiliho spokesman row is just disgraceful. The CEO is supposed to protect and defend their journalists to the utmost regarding their ability to air stories of national importance. But as the puppet he is, he went and crucified them and exonerated anyone from taking them to task.

Absolutely disgraceful. He is certainly not the resident ‘funny guy’ as his stint on Asia Downunder for TVNZ showed. He is cold, callous and his disregard for his own staff is just awful. His behaviour is one of a control freak who is driven to destroy a once respected media organisation.
Face it fuckwit. You were only hired because you would control the FBCL. Not because you would provided fair and balanced reporting. Your qualifications are hardly those for a top ranking CEO. The best don’t get hired, the ‘tardish’ and ‘puppets’ do.


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Nye Perram QC – smooth as silk A must read

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  • 1. Tim  |  March 8, 2008 at 5:03 am

    Mate – he suffers the same illness as the Shaista! Dreams of stardom, and ideological perspectives that claoud whatever judgement he’s actually capable of. Actually I take some of that back – the long term pot use that the “mad bitch” (to quote the Shameen judge) indulges in means that he has slightly more motivation than she does, although that doesn’t prevent her wanna be maternal instincts from preventing her to act as his fag hag.
    Please don’t get me wrong – all that is perfectly OK, EXCEPT for the bullshit, lies and deceit..
    It’s a bit like that Gates character. He’s got so many skeletons in his closet he could sink the Esmeralda WITH Frank on board.
    I guess what is freaking them all out is that there are people around (and I exclude myself), that actually know them that they have assumed to be allies.
    Unfortunately they’re JUST as dimwitted as the poor crim that gets caught in his own bullshit. They’ve assumed their allies will “remain staunch”, “stick fat”, and all that crap.
    The “allies will be the very ones that bury them.
    Tuff Shit! the sooner the better (for their sakes as well as everyone else’s).
    What’s EVEN funnier is that they’re SO arrogant, dim-witted, star-oriented, ill, or whatever to think that everyone (at LEAST outside Fiji – you know – those places they’ve all got their hands out begging to) isn’t on to them.

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