He who knows is very scared…

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Nye Perram QC in the continuation of the Qarase case against the State has questioned Bainimarama’s silence and refusal to testify before the courts. Perram suggested that Bainimarama is the only one who really knows what happened that fateful December 2006.

The fact is Bainimarama’s true colours are shown by his refusal to testify under ‘executive immunity’. Too bad you were not elected and hard to work hard to gain that.

Of course those turncoat fuckwits McCoy and Reynolds know the real reason. If Perram was to cross-examine Bainimarama, he would not only blow the case wide open but embarrass the RFMF and inteirm government to no end. Not to say he hasn’t already done that ad nauseam.

Bainimarama is not capable of testifying before the courts because his big mouth and lack of consistency would make a mockery of procedings. Never before has the court system in Fiji been threatened as of now. So he conveniently hides and cries innocent. So much for transparency. Seeing through his big head is hard enough.

He’s safe in organised press conference with his minders looking over his shoulder. And a pre-prepared speech from some other munter. But in an open forum, his weakness is his lack of education and poise.


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