Non-existent I tells ya

March 14, 2008 at 11:09 pm Leave a comment

The problematic and mentally depressed Attorney-General just does not stop.

He pulled up the Fiji Times for a chat about supposed articles that they were to put to press this morning and in tomorrows edition. Apparently the articles were lacking the ‘true facts’. Also he noted that people had complained that their ‘positive’ letters about the interim government were not being printed. James Bolacavu is not posting from the United Kingdom and Khaiyum hasn’t been taking his prozac.

Take a hint buddy: Freedom of the press means…THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT!!!

Its worth noting those ‘true facts’ was probably the truth and the interim government could not handle the jandal. The fact remains that ever since the interim government has been messing with Fiji, their blunders and goofs have reached an astronomical level. Remember Khaiyum there is no way of dressing up the fact your major fuckup appointing the Boundaries Commissioner. I don’t think the Fiji Times would print “Khaiyum makes INNOCENT mistake, everything is peachy”

My other bane of contention is the letters sent into the editor. If the Fiji Times has not been receiving a lot of positive letters regarding the interim government, then why print the whole paper with so many letters saying so? The vast majority of letters in the Fiji Times have been overwhelmingly negative about the interim government. Because everything about this interim government is so negative and it just annoys the hell out of so many people. Its their place to vent.

Note that Khaiyum says what they should or shouldn’t be printing. Um yeah, you blatant liar. Print something (or fathom doing so) negative and your arse gets hauled up for a chat and a dressing down. Not very good when this paper is owned by the most powerful media moguls in the world. Just remember if Murdoch gets pushed far enough, his influence could destroy Fiji forever.

James Bolacavu doesn’t have to say where he is from. He is entitled to use an alias or a false location to hide his identity. You know why?

Because I don’t think he wants to be taken in for ‘incitement’ and beaten up by the RFMF.


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He who knows is very scared… If you wish to incite…

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