As the old adage goes…

March 17, 2008 at 4:18 am 1 comment

“practice what you preach”.

I read today’s article in the Fiji Times entitled “Muslims urged to follow Islam principles”. The individual who made that call was none other than our Prozac induced Attorney-General. If Khaiyum made you laugh before, this would leave you in stitches.

He urged Muslims in the Fiji to be kind, compassionate and respectful. Not only that but to treat everyone equal under the eyes of the law.

Everyone agrees with those principles. But there is a problem…


He is definately not kind, compassionate or respectful. He puts down people as instigators and troublemakers when they make valid points. He did not care or try to help when Russell Hunter was deported or when people were beaten/killed by the security forces. He has little respect for Fijian institutions and is trying to be a part of the destruction of them. Remember that paper… He has no respect for people who oppose the RFMF and interim government. Especially for learned, highly educated and respected people such as politicians, academics and high chiefs.

And as far as the law goes, who knows? He either doesn’t know it (appointment of Boundaries Commissioner) or vagrantly flaunts it (like the convenient ignorance in the Russell Hunter case).

There is a reason why the FML didn’t join your rag tag National Cunthole for Bloody Breaking Fiji. Because it encompasses everything against what everyone believes in.

It seeks to destroy fair play, reward for hard work and suppress where needed. It rewards the lazy and selfish. It treads on the hard working and selfless.


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If you wish to incite… Defending the regime…not a hard task

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  • 1. Tim  |  March 21, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    Unfortunately this pathetic little iI-Arse shouldn’t take his hypocracy and guilt feelings out on everyone else. It’s not just the mother-Superior giving her Amicus-Friendly advice to the rule of law through a purple haze or the i-IJustice in Chief that know your dirty little secret – in the age of a global economy that they’d wish to subscribe to at their convnvenience, they don’t seem to have realised that it doesn;t quite work like that . Also I’m wondering whether suspender belts and black fish net stockings will have any impact on Gates judgement and his connection with reality (whatever WOULD his colleagues think if ever he was to be found out?! – Gates!: they already know your a closet fag striving to maintain an air of respectability in a judgemental society, and others know – like Scotts and others that your little Miss Demeanours could bite you in your flabby arse). If it does, like the rest of them, don’t expect any sympathy when you’re ridiculed from far and wide. You’re already being ridiculed from far and wide, and it isn’t just from your victims.

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