Defending the regime…not a hard task

March 23, 2008 at 4:15 am 2 comments

Its not that hard. In fact its bloody impossible!

Thats what the turncoat Berenado Vunibobo has said about his appointment as Fiji’s representative at the United Nations.

He made special note of the Australian’s and New Zealander’s making a big deal of the interim regime. I think he really thinks that he can change the generally accepted opinion of the current state of affairs.

Unfortunately he is simply deluding himself. You can’t defend a regime that got into power through the barrel of a gun and mountains of threats against every potential opponent. He can’t fathom that all the bullshit put forward in front of the international community such as all these ‘reforms’, Charter nonsense and a ‘moving Fiji forward’ approach will never detract from the truth.

A special note was made about India and their role in the current situation. Lets face it. India has shown itself to be highly treacherous regarding the plight of Fiji. It has conveniently flexed its muscle and using this as a conduit to promote the whole ‘persons of Indian origin’ (PIO).

And thats what bugs this interim government.

Australia/New Zealand/United States/United Kingdom – condemned all four coups (if you include Rabuka’s second dig) and imposed heavy restrictions and harsh penalties until the country returned to normalcy (which is currently underway for the fourth). They have been consistent and always called for democracy to be returned to this tortured country.

India – condemned the first three. Made a large ruckus over the PIO’s and how they were being mistreated/killed/raped/undermined. It was true that Rabuka and Speight laid some pretty harsh treatment. We all know that the race factor was just a smokescreen for their own warped agendas and profit. Regardless the information fed to India was far from true and portrayed a bloodthirsty image of the Vanua. The protests that India made over Fiji were just incredible.

But come 2006, we see very selective treatment of Fiji by India. All of a sudden the interim government is welcome in to their country. They are welcome at any time. They are actively helping with the ‘growth’ of the country through aid and donations. But the money is being fed to people who did the same thing in 1987 and 2000. The country and its democracy was raped but because the PIO’s were being protected and sheltered by the interim regime, it was all peachy. It didn’t matter that the interim government was utterly corrupt and selective in its dealings with the peoples of Fiji.

Hopefully Indo-Fijians can see this. Its clear and glaringly obvious. Don’t believe for one moment that the RFMF and interim government is here for your benefit. Or that India is doing this for the benefit of Fiji. Its purely for their benefit and profit. A question you can ask yourselves.

Has your standard of living, freedoms, rights and opportunities as a Fijian citizen improved to a level that has been promised by the powers that be since December 2006?


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As the old adage goes… Pearler in the Fiji Times today

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  • 1. Keep The Faith  |  March 26, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Too True TWF…and perhaps the plan to privatise the Lautoka Hospital may be one of those rosy deals going to India via the Apollo Hosp Group.

    We Shall See…

  • 2. Lau Lass  |  March 27, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    These old farts like Vunibobo, Bole, Taufa need to realise that their prime times are over. There are more capable, well educated men & women out there who can do the job, elected by the people, SA VA GAUNA NA KA KECEGA!!! SA VAKALOLOMA NA KEMUDOU I RAIRAI NI DOU VOSA MAI ENA TV, SA TIRI NA WELI, VEVE NA GUSU, SAUTANININI NA LIGA , WILI TALEGA KINA NA PERESITEDI !!

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